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Top 10 Highly Expensive cars to Maintain over a Decade

Not all cars are manufactured equal and consequently, some cost much more to steadfastly keep up than others.

YourMechanic has used its massive dataset of cars serviced to know which cars break up the most and have the best maintenance costs. We’re sure you’ve experienced a member of family or friend warning you not to buy an automobile from the particular brand because “those cars are notorious for being  very costly to maintain.” But which cars really are costly to steadfastly keep up?

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Based on YourMechanic, the best 20 priciest car models all cost a lot more than $10,000 to maintain  over 10 years. Those estimates include expensive one-off costs, like a transmission rebuild that skew the average higher. Still, it’s worth having a go through the top 10 priciest car models to steadfastly keep up over 10 years just in case you wish to avoid a few of them. Remember, however, that this uses data on vehicles which can be at the least 10 years of age, so improvements has been designed to those models since.

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