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Good news for Jiji movie and music lovers

Good news for Jiji’s movie and music lovers

We can say a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of going to movie theatre and watching movies at home. In the end, everyone will choose a side according to the personal preferences and beliefs. If you are a real movie fan but don’t like crowds, watching trailers and listening to annoying comments you are not interested in or don’t want to hear at all, you should definitely open CDs and DVDs category on Jiji.ng and look through the list of ads. There is a good chance that you’ll find something you haven’t watched before. So call a person, who is selling these precious movies, take some popcorn and soda and get ready to another movie night.

Exciting movie night is the least of what Jiji.ng can offer. This website represents the biggest collection of items and services in every category.

CDs and DVDs are a part of bigger Hobbies – Art
– Sport section, together with books and games, musical instruments, collectibles, everything necessary for crafts and so on. Jiji is a website, where anyone who has something to offer can easily become a seller. Anyone can post an advert for free. It is possible (and even desirable) to make it as precise as you want. Provide a detailed description, add some photos, don’t forget to leave personal contacts and keep waiting for a buyer.

Jiji doesn’t sell stuff as many users think. It is a place created for users, who want to sell and those, who are looking for stuff to buy. All we do is check every new user in order to ensure your privacy and security and provide a possibility to communicate with other users directly. And it means no extra charges, no annoying mediators, the lowest prices and the most convenient shopping you can imagine.

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