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Should I Increase The Volume

Should I Increase The Volume?

When you get sick, he calls, when he gets sick, he
still calls.
You have Airtime He calls, u don’t have airtime
he still calls.
Your birthday He buys u a Gift, His birthday he
still takes u out.
He sends u money, and still calls to confirm if
you’ve received an alert, you only flashed him and
you are already scolding him to know why he hasn’t
call back.
He invited you for a lunch, took care of your bills, you
only dressed better than him, but you couldn’t
afford your transport.
He met you with your friends you sounded rude, you
met him with his friends he was Caring & polite.
He secretly borrowed money to give you, you always
told him the money is too small.
Things turn around for him for good and he
became very rich, he left you, Too late, You re now
ready to love him and you are shading tears,
deceiving other women saying; you were there for
him when he had nothing, all guys are same..
Your impact in a relationship would determine if
a man will marry you, and not your presence.

Naija Gist: Should I increase the volume?

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