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Check out Top 21 Questions To Ask Before Saying “I Do”

21. What is your real name?
Candy, Sonsy or Jimmy is usually not a real name for most Nigerians. (Of course there are exceptions). Find out your boo/bae’s real (and village) names, so that if e come get as e be, you go know where to begin trace things.

20. Are your parents together?
This question isn’t meant to judge, but for you to know what to expect and be prepared. These people will be your children’s grandparents (hopefully). Are they divorced, separated, estranged, cat-and-dog, or living happily together?

19. What do you do?
If she is a student, find out which school, course and expected year of graduation. If he is a business man, find out the type of business. If he is working, ask for the name of the organization and for how long. By the way, ‘hustling’ without any further definition, is not an occupation.

18. When can I meet your folks?
This one takes a lot of guts especially for ladies. But nne eh this question may be what will determine how long you will be the star actor of ‘Lord of the Rings’.

17. What do you do when you get mad?
Do you curse, sulk, hit people or break things when you get mad? You need to know about this now to avoid stories of “I fell down the stairs” tomorrow.

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