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Check out Top 21 Questions To Ask Before Saying “I Do”

8. Do you have debts?
People choose a spouse for different reasons. Some marry to deliver their family from poverty. Some marry to get contracts, while some marry to pay off debts. If your boo/bae is owing $60,000 (#12,000,000) in tuition debts for instance, you should know beforehand.

7. What’s your view on body size/image?
You need to know if she can stand flabby arms, bald heads and/or pot bellies.

Similarly, find out if he can still love a woman who has Christian mothers’ arms (ndi nne maama) or a protruding stomach.

6. What’s your view on cooking and other domestic work?
Most ladies love getting pampered. Many of them will be disappointed if their husbands can’t cook or assist with domestic work. If you are one, ask him now, so you won’t have the wrong expectations that lead to unfulfilled relationships tomorrow.

And bros, you need to know if she can prepare anything else apart from bread/tea or Indomie. What about cleaning, sweeping, washing, etc. Now is the best time to decide if you will need to employ chefs, cleaners or helps.

5. What is your career plan?
He may be working in a bank today, but planning to become a pastor tomorrow.

Or maybe she is a Civil servant today but plans to become a politician tomorrow. Can you cope?

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