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Naija Gist Exclusive: Billionaire’s Wife, Caroline Danjuma tackles Hubby’s Mistress On IG

Some dreadful dramatization went down on extremely rich person wife Caroline Danjuma’s Instagram page two days back, folks. Gee!

You recall that at some point a year ago, Caro had taken to her IG page to caution a few agents of damnation for the sake of fancy women that they can’t break her home.

As at then, there were gossipy tidbits that the exceptionally famous Matharoo sisters, that one of them was dating Caroline’s hubby. The greater part of this hasn’t been confirmed yet o. I simply realize that there’s some intense wrath between the two parties.

Indeed, they both washed their messy material openly two days back after Caro made a post on her Instagram page and one of her amebo supporters labeled Jyoti. It deteriorated to a battle between the Matharoo sister and Caroline. Caro was so tormented she later went on Jyoti’s page to stand up to her and caution all her ‘devilish pessimism’ to herself.

Jyoti wasn’t going to let Caro shine on her page either. Look at the outrageous discussions that resulted. Incredible! Annie Idibia, Freda Francis all hopped into defend their girl, Caroline.


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