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Do you know why Ose Ifa is very important? (Must Read)

Let me tell you the super story given to me by my father, Oloye Akano Fasina Agboola, late Araba of Lagos. This is repeated for those who have never heard it before.

A Babalawo whose nickname is “Ifa a je ju oogun”, meaning, “Ifa is superior to juju”, always irritates his friend who is an expert in juju.


The juju man wanted to prove to the Babalawo that his juju is more powerful than ‘his so called Ifa’ by poisoning his drink on the eve of Ose Ifa. He didn’t want to kill him but to make him unconscious. He knew he would be the first person to be called and he would rescue him with what he believed to be a secret.


The Babalawo, “Ifa a je ju oogun”, was throwing Obi(kolanut) for Ose Ifa when Ifa revealed “arun latowo araye oloogun”( affliction from wicked juju man). He asked Ifa what’s to be done. Ifa directed him to offer a turtle. As he did so, he also tasted from the blood, saying, “Emi o fun o leedi je”( I don’t give taboo to Ifa).


Coincidentally and miraculously, it was turtle’s blood the juju man wanted to use to cure the Babalawo. After many days, nothing happened. The juju man visited the Babalawo and found him hale and hearty. The Babalawo told him the happening on the Ose ifa day. The juju man was shocked and confessed his sin. He shouted, “yes, I agree, Ifa is superior to juju( Ifa a je ju oogun”.

The Babalawo said, “go home and sin no more”.

Happy Ose Ifa today to you all.

Stay blessed.

From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria.

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