Ope, Awo Labalaba
Adifa fun Labalaba
Eyi tii se Ojise Olódùmarè
Ope ni won ni ki o maa se
A ni t’inu t’eyin mi re o, Olódùmarè
Labalaba kii sede
A ni t’inu t’eyin mi re o, Olódùmarè

Gratitude, the priest of the butterfly
Cast divination for butterfly
Who is a servant of Olódùmarè
He was asked to always show his appreciation
Here is my round trip, Olódùmarè
The butterfly does not keep secret
She gives everything to Olódùmarè in praise.

In an extreme enthusiasts of delight, my gigantic and great gratitude to God Almighty, For making my day, a tremendous and merriment one. Olódùmarè ,You are highly to be praised and blessed for me.
With a great enchantment and humbled minded, I desirous my warmest and bountiful thanks to all reputable People, Elders, Leaders, Activists, priest, babalawo, iyanifa,brother, sister, course mate, Lovers, Friends, Kith and all well wishers that grease my BIRTHDAY with me. For it to be overjoyed and thrilled one. Indeed, I am happy for you all. With your uncountable and unmeasured wishes,messages, gifts, calls, comments, goodly notifications, prayers and all to be mentioned. You be candid, all these beyond my mentality and justipality.


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