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Ojo Aje (day of money)

Today is Monday, Ojo Aje(day of money), our precious day(Oseifa), what else in addition to other Ire that we can request for if not money?
Just listen to Osa Oloyan as follows:-
O sa rete
O rin rete
O gbona rete bo
Adifa fun Aje ti ntorun bo waye
Won a ni Aje pele o, ogungunniso
Anamo naye
Ana agbalagba sa giogio
O sa rete ( Name of sage)
O rin rete( Name of sage)
O gbona rete bo( Name of the Priest)
Cast divination for Aje(Money) when coming from heaven to earth
They say, money we cherish you
You can make everyone unhappy if you are not available.
Do you imagine how people feel when they see bank credit alert on their phone?
But don’t look for money in unrighteous ways.
Be dedicated to Ifa, have patience and endurance and you shall be blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria.

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