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Olua festival

Olua festival in Ilogbo-Ekiti

Olua festival! Olua festival! Olua festival!
Good morning my people, Hope you have a splendid night, I pray this morning that we shall all seek the mercy of Almighty Eledumare today Àse.
This is to inform you all that Olua festival in Ilogbo-Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria will comes up on the 28th/29th of this month (August).

Ilogbo-Ekiti will be receiving visitors from difference towns, cities and countries in 5days now, I urge my people in isese to come and witness it, you will never want to miss it in life, also for those that have problem of any kind, come, your problems shall be solved and you will have a cause to glorify Eledumare.
Olua/Atogunmojo is healing and delivered.
Omo imèsè hìn já a e múlé
Ulé yá o
Ààà hìn já a e múlé
Ulé yá o
Aboba a gbewa o
Isese a gbewa o aaaseee.

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