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Petition: Protecting Yorùbá Heritage. Say NO to second enslavement of Yorùbá by the Xtian Missionary

According to Yorùbá cosmology.  Ilé-Ifẹ̀ is the cradle of humanity where qualities of being a human is clearly defined and the phrase Ọmọ-tí-Olú-ìwà-bí summarizes it all. 

The Ọmọlúàbí is a Yorùbá philosophical and cultural concept to describe a person of absolute goodness–An epitome of humanity.

The Ọmọlúàbí concept signifies courage, hard work, humility and respect, etc. An Ọmọlúàbí is a person of honor who understands the benefits of hard work, respects the rights of others, and gives to the community in deeds and in action. Above all, an Ọmọlúàbí is a person of high integrity.
The concept Ọmọlúàbí is an adjectival Yoruba phrase, which has the words – “Ọmọ-tí-Olú-ìwà-bí” as its components. Literally translated and separately, ọmọ means ‘child’, tí means ‘that or which’, Olú-ìwà means the chief or master of Ìwà (character), bí means ‘born’. When combined, Ọmọlúàbí translates as “the baby/child begotten by the chief of Ìwà”. Such a child is thought of as a paragon of excellence in character.
An Ọmọlúàbí demonstrates and exhibits the inherent virtue and value of Ìwàpẹ̀lẹ́. Ìwàpẹ̀lẹ́ is ultimately the basis of moral conduct in Yoruba culture and a core defining attribute of an Ọmọlúàbí.
The most fundamental of these principles demonstrated by an Ọmọlúàbí are:
Ọ̀rọ̀ Sísọ (Spoken word, the Yoruba accord great respect for intelligent and expert use of language)
Ìtẹríba (Respect)/(Civility)
Inú rere (Good will, Having a good mind towards others)
Òtítọ́ (Truth)
Ìwà (Character)/(Virtue)
Akíkanjú (Bravery)
Iṣẹ́ (Hardwork)
Òwò (Entrepreneurship)
Ọpọlọ (Pipe (Intelligence)
Àfiorítì (Endurance)
Sùúrù (Patience)
Ìfarabalẹ̀ (Composure)
Ọ̀wọ̀ (Respect)
Ẹ̀sọ̀ (Caution)
Ìmọ̀ ( Knowledge)
Ọgbọ́n (Wisdom)
Òye (Understanding)

This concept of Ọmọlúàbí was well established by the ancient people of Ilé-Ifẹ̀ before the advent of colonial powers  The colonialists with their Christians and Arabs’ missionaries came and took our civility for weakness, thus we were enslaved for the first time. 

Now the missionaries are back in full swing to attack our core cultural base at Ilé-Ifẹ̀ by implanting one of their evangelical agents as monarch through the corruptions of the kingmakers. 

The lesson we learnt from our past dealings with the Western Europeans and the Arabs was never to allow anyone to take our civility for weakness any more. 

We are now making this campaign so that the Western Europeans, the Arabs and their Afrikan cohorts through missionaries will not be successful in their attempts to enslave us for the second time. 

We want the monarch in question to abdicate the throne of our Ancestors if he refused to uphold the tenets of our Ancestors.  Not preserving our heritage by the monarch in question is a sacrilege.  

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