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Photos: Back in the day pics of Wole Soyinka !

I guess you have not seen any of these photographs of Wole Soyinka..oh, I said they will leave your mouth totally open, well I said it in light of the fact that they cleared out mine. Here’s something fascinating thing he said in regards to his childhood:



The Soyinka Family, 1938. S.A. (Essay) and Eniola (the Wild Christian) with Wole, Tinu and Femi.


Wole Soyinka and his sister Tinu in 1940.


The Soyinka children in 1945. In the front row, Tinu, Kayode and Yeside. In the back row, Wole and Femi – See more at:


Wole Soyinka, age 18, a college freshman


Wole Soyinka with his daughter Moremi in 1963


Wole Soyinka, age nine (middle, front row) plays the lead role in the operetta The Magician at St. Peters School, 1945

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