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Quote of The Day: A wise Person !

“A wise person will not demonize her/his Ancestors’ ways of life because some foreigners tell her/him to do so.”

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  1. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    The writing of those books were made possible by the missionaries of the bible. They freely educated people to learn and choose their ways. If not the missionaries teaching you how to read and write how would they have written Ifa’s words?

    • Gbolahan Sotomi

      In fact our culture is so ancient but not obsolete. We have been writing long before the Europeans and Arabs barbarians invaded our land. Signs of Ifa is the first ancient form of writing but highly coded. For your information during the festival of Oluorogbo at Ife, the symbol of Oluorogbo is pen and paper.

    • Tony Balogun

      The first book in life of human is the brain before any documentary, had they not stepped into the soil of the Africans we would have grown and developed on our own. Had your creator wished he would have made you a white or an Arab not black to follow those parts. I’m well acquainted with both the Bible and the Quran, the two were never meant for the Africans, no single prove or evidence in the two books.

    • Segun Akerele

      you made me laugh the missionaries or rapists and murderers of the Africans. Ancient missioneries were Egytians worshippers of Serapis Cristos and were already callked Christians before your demonic jesus was invented in the new testament, fool

    • Gbolahan Sotomi

      Most Christians don’t even know the meaning of christ.. Blind faith

    • Segun Akerele

      Gbolahan Sotomi Ema seoo, because l told someone truth about Christianity she called me antichrist and l asked what is meaning of Christ or messia she didn’t reply. Jesus means God saves not jesus is the saviour and Christ means anointed one. I myself am Gods saves and anointed daughter of Obatala.

    • Gbolahan Sotomi

      Eniyan (eni ti a yan) (chosen ones) ni iran Yoruba n pe ara won lati igba iwase. Ifa ni dandan n dandan, eniyan ni a yan lati mu ire wa si aaye

  2. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    The bible is timeless because of the love and forgiveness it preaches and most importantly a promise of after life.

    • Izuchi Joseph

      Paul Ifeanyi Obiji They once and constantly told/telling you “Love thy neighbors” but do they ever love you or love your Ancestors. Thus. If we couldn’t trust the messengers there’s no point trusting the message. It’s their version of sin and forgiveness that creates people in the government that careless about the palaver of the masses. Christinsanity and Islam have nothing better to offer Afirikans except bull sheeting. Their God/Allah is full of garbage that’s not good for the well beings of any real Afirikan. All they want are slaves that will continually grease the engines of their industries.

  3. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    Do have written words by Ifa followers? please Refer me to one I can purchase. I don’t limit myself in terms of gaining knowledge. waiting for your reply

  4. Gbolahan Sotomi

    Isrealites are not even Christians.

  5. Yakub Muraina

    Having more fans justify not the righteousness, in fact, devil has more fans, but we’re talking about the TRUTH and the REALITY of the CREATOR, I’m well acquainted with both the Bible and the Quran, the two were never meant for the Africans, no single prove or evidence in the two books.


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