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Vdeo: “Missionary” Is The Only Holy S3xual Style – UK Based Nigerian Pastor [Video]

UK-based Nigerian Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo cautions wedded couples against unholy sexual acts in this viral video .  It was shared in November 2014, yet we just got to be mindful of it when a user– keen to hear your perspectives – sent it to us.


NB: This content may not be suitable for minors.

The head minister of Complete in Christ Church (CICC), asserted he saw individuals being rebuffed in hellfire (hmmnn like story for the Gods) for shameless and unholy sexual acts that incorporate oral sex, masturbation, demonstrations of subjugation and positions like “doggy” and ‘cowgirl’.

Here are portions of the video transcript, where he imparted the disclosure

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  1. HILARY.

    where is it in the bible?


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