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Sacredness of life & increasing homicidal deaths

Life is  among the most sacred creations of God. God created human beings so as to worship him alone. God created humans in races, cultures, nations and homes so as to live together one side supporting the other to live in peace and in harmony.
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God created laws and punishment for offenders, in order that people with do what is righteous and refrain from evil.

The increasing killing of human beings by human beings is increasing like never before.  Human beings now kill more human beings that any order thing does. Human beings kill more human beings that natural disaster ( water, fire outbreak, disease, etc), hunger, poverty, AIDS, and even natural deaths. The rate of daily Killings in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria,  Somalia, Palestine, USA, the suicide bombings In Nigeria, gun shootings in USA and other western countries, wars in Libya, Argentina etc are all humanly and costing more lives than any other thing. According to Human Rights Watch(HRW),  from 2009 to date, over 14 thousand people have been killed by both insurgents and Nigerian military together. That was just in five years. That Is not to talk of Biafara war that killed over 2 million people, Maitatsine, Niger Delta militancy, 2011 post election violence etc. All those human fights combine must have killed over 3 million Nigerians.

All Nigeria natural disasters; Cholera, Polio, Ebola combine could not have killed half a million Nigerians in 50 years. Like wise in other African countries, civil wars and belligerence of; Libya, Algeria, Somalia, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Sudan, Zimbabwe etc must  have killed over 10 million Africans. Also in other countries of the world; Israel aggression on Palestine, America aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Vietnam, Korea etc must have killed over 30 million people.
Others include; first and second European wars, French revolution, wars of Independence, insurgency, belligerence, state sponsored killings etc must have killed over 1 billion people since the existence of human beings.
Human beings have employed killings and other inhumanly actions to express their rejection over a simple act. The killings of over one thousand protesters in Egypt by the security forces after the over throw of Mursi is clear evidence of inhumanity to men. The constant and consistent killings of Palestinians by Israeli forces using all means necessary and un necessary to maximize death and civilian casualties is a clear sign that the world has failed in its objectives set to it by God to worship him alone and live in peace and in security.

The world is watching as thousands of children are been killed, raped, tortured in Palestine, China, Russia, In Germany and in C.A.R over time, but the world couldn’t act to stop the genocide and the series of massacre.
The world must unite to ensure peace and security of lives. The sacredness of human live must be maintained and uphold as instructed by God Almighty. An effective, neutral and credible international court of justice should be set up. The one that will trial everybody not just under development countries. And if found guilty, that person, state, organization, person(s) will be brought before justice by all means necessary.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari
The President Cultural and Social re orientation.

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