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Farmers call on FG to test every oil brought into the country

The National Palm Produce Association of Nigeria (NPPAN), representing farmers across the country, is calling on the Federal Government to collaborate in establishing palm oil markets aimed at combatting oil adulteration.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Mr Alphonsus Inyang, the President of NPPAN, emphasized the importance of installing testing and grading equipment at these markets to ensure a comprehensive examination of all oil brought in for sale.

How to improve Nigeria’s position in palm oil grading

According to Mr Inyang, the introduction of grading measures would allow for the differentiation of Technical Palm Oil (TPO), Special Palm Oil (SPO), and Crude Palm Oil (CPO). This initiative would position Nigeria as a frontrunner in palm oil grading regulations.

To effectively address the issue of palm oil adulteration and eliminate it entirely, Mr Inyang proposed a collaborative approach between the government and NPPAN.

  • Inyang stated, “In curtailing the menace of palm oil adulteration in the country, we are proposing to the government to work with us. We have designed a model.” He further emphasized the need for the government to establish palm oil markets and equip them with testing and grading facilities to ensure thorough evaluation of all oils brought to market.”

Why implementation of palm oil markets is necessary

The implementation of palm oil markets, according to Inyang, would facilitate the accurate identification of adulterated oils. He also stressed the readiness of the NPPAN to provide logistical support and highlighted the importance of collaborating with government agencies such as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Inyang recommended that security agencies conduct inspections in rural markets where adulteration frequently occurs, as well as in oil depots where harmful substances are mixed with palm oil, posing risks to human health. He emphasized that while the industry is eager to drive these initiatives, the support and collaboration of the government are essential due to the substantial costs involved.

By implementing comprehensive testing measures and establishing palm oil markets, Nigeria can address the issue of palm oil adulteration, safeguard consumer health, and position itself as a leader in palm oil grading standards. The collaboration between the government and NPPAN will be crucial in achieving these goals and ensuring the success of the palm oil industry in Nigeria.

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