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cut the cost of labour feeding1
cut the cost of labour feeding1

How to cut the cost of labour feeding your Chickens with BSF

What is the best way to cut the cost of labour feeding your Poultry? Many farmers complain about the high cost of feed which is responsible for a chuck of capital used in Chicken Farming. There is an alternative way to reduce this cost of feeding by producing the feeds yourself. With the Alternatives like Azola, Black soldier Flies farming helps look into how to cut the cost of feeding. We will be talking about the Black soldier fly.

The major problem with Black soldier fly for a small-scale farmer is during harvesting time. During the harvesting period. It is labour intensive to produce the needed amount of Black soldier fly to feed the livestock.

More labour force is needed only during the harvest period. That is during the time of separating the pupa or larva from the substrate. However, we have found a cheaper way to do this but only for those into poultry.

To also cut the time and cost of mating or producing the eggs by yourself, you can easily buy black soldier fly eggs from a reliable source at a discount if you own a livestock farm.

How to cut the cost of labour feeding your open or cage-free Poultry with BSF

Why would chickens burrow and try to eat something from loose dirt?

They do that in most cases if they feel there would be earthworm, maggot, or any alternative protein source in the dirt to peck on. The chickens always use their legs to dig in the sand in search of what to feed on.

This is how you can easily cut the cost of labour feeding your cage-free poultry. You simply let your chickens do the labour work by themselves.


We could call this do-it-yourself (DIY) specially made for the chickens.

You could let your chickens harvest the Maggot themselves, which will eliminate the use of women’s or man’s labour for harvesting. Just look for a big nylon or sack where you can pour the substrate so it will be easier for you to park the manure after they have finished burrowing by itself on the substrate.

As a smart farmer, you would have saved yourself a lot of time and extra labour that would be needed during the harvest stage. You can also buy the black soldier fly as I said above from a reliable source. Use this code ODUBSF to get at least a 10-20 % discount only for livestock farmers.

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