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Is sugar the cause of Diabetes ?

Any medical doctor, in any part of the world that tells you that sugar s the cause of Diabetes,that doctor is inadequate.

There are two types of Diabetes, Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2.

Diabetes 1 is as a result of insufficient Insulin because the pancreas is dysfunctional and Diabetes 2, the Insulin is sufficient but the Insulin is clogged by fats which made it to be resistant to glucose.

People who are diagnosed of diabetes 1 always had insulin injections or medications to make up enough insulin in their blood. The dysfunctional pancreas is as a result of mucus that doesn’t allow the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin in the first place.

Diabetes 2 is caused by dietary fats.This dietary fats could be from animal protein or nutrition. In this case, there are sufficient insulin, the pancreas is working effectively. The insulin has been clogged with the dietary fats which affects the insulin to respond to glucose which should be taken to the muscle cells and convert to energy.In this circumstance,the insulin is clogged with fats and that is the reason the glucose can’t go into the cells.Therefore,Diabetes 2 is caused by dietary fats.

I always advice friends to stop the consumption of meats, eggs, chicken, burgers and consume more of vegetables, fruits and plants based nutrition.

Lastly stop the consumption of cow milk and processed milk.

Olusegun Otukomaya

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