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Eze Ndigbo

Igbos Warn Akure Monarch Over threat to dethrone Eze Ndigbo

Igbos in Ondo State have warned the Deji of Akure, Oba Aladelusi Ogunlade Aladetoyinbo against plot to dethrone the Eze Ndigbo of the state, Sir Gregory Iloehike, threatening that Igbos in the state will resist such move by the monarch.

Rising from the meeting of Ohaneze Ndigbo in Ondo State held at the Igbos house, Akure, the Igbos warned the Deji of Akure to jettison his plan to dethrone Sir Iloe­hike, even as they declared that the traditional ruler has no power to dethrone him.

It was gathered that the Deji of Akure, Oba Aladetoyinbo accused the Eze Ndigbo of insubordina­tion and disrespect to his au­thority, hence his decision to dethrone him.

But the Eze Ndigbo de­nied the allegation of insub­ordination leveled against him, saying he has not been rude to the Deji of Akure since he ascended the throne about six months ago.

He explained that “the Deji invited me to his palace on Monday and I honoured his invitation. I went with one of my chiefs but when I got to the palace, I saw youths numbering over 200 who started shouting as I entered. I suspected that the youths were mobilized by the monarch and I showed respect to the Deji by pros­trating for him.”

“The monarch while ad­dressing me at his palace threatened to drive all the Igbos in Akure out of the city and when I asked for the offence my people com­mitted, the youths at the pal­ace descended on me. They tore my beads and removed my crown. They attempted to beat me but the Police of­ficers at the Palace rescued me,” he stated.

He added that the invita­tion by the monarch was the first he would receive from him since the monarch as­cended the throne, pointing out that Igbos had been liv­ing harmoniously in Akure for over 70 years with the traditional rulers according them respect.

Meanwhile, the Igbos in Ondo State have pulled their weight behind the leadership of Eze Ndigbo of the state, Sir Iloehike and warned the Deji of Akure, Oba Aladetoyinbo against any action that can cause inter tribal crisis in the state.

The President General, Ohaneze Ndigbo in Ondo state, High Chief Okechuk­wu Okorie said the Igbos in the state have resolved to live happily with other tribes in the state, saying any attempt to dethrone the Eze Ndigbo would be chal­lenged by all the Igbos in the state.

He noted that the Eze Ndigbo who was installed in August, 2011 after emerging in a keenly contested elec­tion has not committed any offence that could lead to his dethronement.

Okorie added that only the Igbos who elected the Eze Ndigbo have the consti­tutional right to remove him, saying that “Deji of Akure has no input in the emer­gence of the Eze Ndigbo of Ondo State, so he lacks the right to dethrone or remove him.”

He urged the monarch not to be misinformed by those he described as disgruntled elements, even as he ad­vised him to seek clarifica­tion on any issue affecting the Igbos in his domain and the state at large.

The Sun.

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  1. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    Igbo in ondo state…..God punish you poeple.

    • Aren’t you an utter Fool to be reasoning that way? Only Fools throw insults like that. What has the Igbos done for you to hate all of them? You just love to hate,? Check yourself.

    • Temitayo Adedigba

      Eze, Obi, Igwe means king. There can never be two kings within the same domain any where in the world. It started as a decorative post by the host you guests in Yorubaland. But some are on the quest to be recognized by the government and officially. That’s the reason why there must be a stop to the titles and and any form of recognition for the title in all Yorubaland.

    • Temitayo Adedigba

      Jamiu Raji Rassaki , this is way out of line. You do not rain curses on a collection of people simply because you disagree with what a few of them are doing, we can stand against any wrong without making enemies of reasonable that should ordinarily be our friends.

      Benjamin, you made it worse bro, you cannot correct a thing by becoming what you want to correct. We all need to live with mutual respect and have no one over-step the limit of their bounds.

    • Temi, I only told him the truth. I don’t need to pamper him there. It is really unfortunate that your people are looking at it from a very wrong perspective. The Eze Ndi-Igbo is only an Igbo Leader in Diaspora. I don’t see how that should be a challenge or threat to your Traditional Ruler. You all should get a better understanding of the matter before making judgement or assertions, even though with erstwhile good intention.

    • Temitayo Adedigba

      Bhone Ekoh he was wrong and you were probably even more wrong since yours came after his.

      You cannot solve a problem by being level with the problem, you have to be better than a problem to solve it.

      On the main issue, that guy in Akure has over-stepped the limits of his bounds and there’s no gainsaying that fact.

      I ask you, can he wear a crown, wera beads, adorn himself with a laced walking stick and step beyong the Niger bridge to introduce himself as Eze anything? People should learn to live with mutual respect ANYWHERE they are, do not give what you will not take.

      He can go test himself out in Benin City and see how he fares.

      Is he the first leader of the Igbos in Akure? Why is his own different and noisy? Igbos have been living in Akure even before this particular guy was born, there has not been crisis, it should tell him something about himself.

    • Temi , I see you love lecturing people. Well, I guess that makes two of us. Let me tell you about life, sometimes you have to come to the Level of a problem to address the problem – that’s the difference between knowledge and experience. I’m really suprised about the way you people look at Leadership. Are we still in the stone age? We have Eze ndi-Igbo all over the North. So, why should that become a problem closer Home? Can an Igboman wake up one day to become your traditional Head? Why should you feel threatened? Clearly your people are ignorant because Eze ndi-Igbo is not officially recognised by the Government. He is only recognised as a representative of the people.

  2. Omotayo Amire

    People who call Nigeria ‘zoo’ are now claiming parts of Nigeria that belongs to others as their own. Igbos are not peace loving people.

  3. Paul Paul

    Make me feel like igbo are brainless group of animals.

  4. Ajayi Modupe

    This toothless dogz called ohanaeze a bunch of jokers, about time they change the brand of thier snuffs or put the bottle away all together so they can use clear brain to judge this situation. The Yoruba elders a within thier rights and should enact and respect thier law and constom within thier domain, Igbos can control south east , but canneot dictate how Yourbas rule thier own kingdom, It is about time this so called snuff elders shut up before they wake the wrath of the Yorubas on thier kingsmen living in peace and harmony and going about thier legitimate business in the West


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