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Information War: NBC dissolves “Biafra Radio” broadcasts, nabs operators –

ABUJA – National Broadcasting Commission, NBC on Friday said it has “neutralised” unlawful broadcasts from Biafra Radio which it said has “shattered” the peace of south east zone of Nigeria with contempt and rebellious messages.

It included that it had also captured its administrators and taked a hefty portion of their transmitters in different areas.

As per the Commission, the captured administrators had been taken to Abuja for arraignment.

A release by the Director-General of the Commission, Emeka Mba, expressed that it endeavors were being made to uproot the transmissions of the illicit station from the satellite.

The Commission further denounced exercises of the “unlawful Radio station”, through the transmission of messages, saying that Nigeria can’t manage the cost of another phlebotomy after the civil war.

It however requested that Nigerians unite against the station

The statement read thus:

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  1. Omo Naija To badt

    This is good news because it will avert 15k deaths like boko haram which started this way. Ban Biafra website on Naija domain 2

  2. Omo Naija To badt

    Also look into the issues raised by genuine Igbo Brothers is the way forward. #Marginalization to start with. God bless Naija


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