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Michel Temer

Michel Temer Sworn In as Brazil’s President After Rousseff Impeachment

In the wake of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, Michel Temer has officially been sworn in as Brazil’s new president. Rousseff’s vice president, Temer has served as acting president since May, when her impeachment indictment began. He will now serve as president through 2018.


The Brazilian Senate voted 61-20 to impeach Rousseff earlier on Wednesday, following three days of debate. The former president faced charges of corruption. She denied the accusations, calling them politically motivated.

“These are pretexts to overthrow a legitimate government through an impeachment crime without responsibility,” she said. “We are one step closer to a serious institutional breakdown. We are one step closer to achieving a real coup.”

While Rousseff could have been barred from seeking future public office for eight years according to Brazilian law, the Senate determined that she will maintain her political rights.


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