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Pics: Drug convicts executed in Indonesia buried

Indonesia dismissed last-minute bids and executed 8 drug traffickers including 4 Nigerians.

Photos of the dead being covered and details  from their last minutes before being executed have been released to the media. As per the pastors who were with them in their last hours, Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran and the other 6 demise column prisoners declined to wear blindfolds and were singing as they were shot by a 13-member firing squad in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
See more pics bellow.

The 8 men decided to face their executioners and spent their last minutes on earth adulating God and singing melodies which included ‘Amazing Grace’.

On Wednesday morning, Pastor Christie Buckingham – who read Chan and Sukumaran their last going rituals – said the 8 passing column prisoners exited onto the killing field singing religious melodies in the prior minutes they were executed. Pastor Buckingham said the men maintained ‘dignity and strength until the end’. Another pastor, Karina de Vega, said it was a ‘beautiful experience’.

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