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Ukrainian Rada to Install Boxing Ring in the Parliament !

The Speaker of Ukraine’s parliament proposed introducing a real boxing ring inside the parliament building after yesterday’s session.


Taking after another battle in Ukraine’s parliament on Tuesday, Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Groisman proposed setting up a real confining ring parliament building for those wishing to determine their disparities utilizing their clench hands, Ukrainian news administration Vesti reports.

“If you want to sort things out physically, I am ready to install a boxing ring on the third floor,” Groisman said, talking at an entire session of parliament. The Speaker included that sanctions against the individuals who begin battle would incorporate being banned from the parliament floor for 15 gatherings.

Groisman included that he was likewise investigating banning agents from bouncing from division to portion, which is accepted to have created yesterday’s fight between Radical Party pioneer Oleg Lyashko and previous party member Aidar Battalion officer Sergei Melnichuk. The battle incapacitated the work of the body for whatever remains of the day. It is not yet clear whether both of them will be sanctioned for their ungentlemanly conduct.

“Today I will introduce the bill to amend the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada,” Groisman noted. “Tomorrow we will vote on it and once and for all make this ‘migration’ illegal.”

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