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Don’t Say Oodua (Yoruba) Land Including Lagos Is No Man’s Land – Are Ona Kakanfo Says.


Don’t kidnap a single Oodua (Yoruba)…

Don’t kill a single Oodua (Yoruba) …

Dont kill non-Yoruba on Yoruba soil

Dont kidnap non- Oodua (Yoruba) on Oodua (Yoruba) soil

Don’t destroy the farmlands of Ooduas (Yorubas)

Don’t open graze on Oodua (Yoruba) land, get a place to rear your cattle or herd…

No RUGA in Oodua (Yoruba) Land…

No water ways in Oodua (Yoruba) land will be taken over by FG

Don’t say Oodualand (Yorubaland) and including Lagos is no man’s Land…..

Do your business lawfully on Oodua (Yoruba) soil…Henceforth,every single life of Oodua (Yoruba) person will be accounted for…. Osun, Ogun, EKiti, Lagos, Oyo, Ondo,all 12 Local government Oodua (Yoruba) speaking areas of Kwara state, Akoko Edo in Edo state, Oodua (Yoruba) speaking areas in Kogi state are all Oodua (Yoruba) Lands……

Stay clear and don’t violate the above conditions then *”Amotekun”* could and will be friendly. If not “Amotekun” you know, what an angry Leopard can do…

We Love you; 👏 but not more than we love ourselves.

Eso re o

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