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Ekiti PDP Youths Revolt as Fayose, Political Hyena turns reelection bid of Jonathan to a Business venture.


…Vow To Work Against Jonathan

“It is quite unfortunate that President Jonathan surrounds himself with political vultures and scavengers who will mess up his effort.

No longer a news that, the Ekiti Serving Governor, The Political Hyena, has turned President Jonathan’s election campaign into a business venture to make Money.

It was learnt that the #100,000,000 that was given for the Jonathan’s Campaign in Ekiti-State, Fayose never spent one kobo in the N100 million. Instead of him to spend the money, he levied PDP candidates in the February general elections, including wealthy members both in the State and Outside the State for the mobilization fee.

So dismal/abysmal, Mr. Governor frustrated all Pro-Jonathan campaign groups in Ekiti for selfish and greedy reasons. One of the Pro-Jonathan Groups, PDP Youth Network has vowed to work against and ensure President Goodluck Jonathan loses woefully in the forthcoming February presidential poll in the State. Courtesy of Fayose’s greediness

The State Coordinator of the said Network, Tope Musowo, made the threat in a press statement sent to Online Media for public consumption.

Musowo, who decried the way Fayose is taking the victory of Jonathan for levity in the State, said President Jonathan has failed by surrounding himself with sycophants.

Most of this groups have been using their earned hard resources to build the structure of their respective Organizations, long before Fayose retraced himself back to Power in the State, he got there and messed up all the effort of the Groups for selfish reasons.

Before the Rookies and the Party Bigots would call for my head, it is better who cares for Jonathan’s victory in Ekiti to call Fayose to order, because he can’t achieve what he boasts of by climbing a Jeep, turning to a passerby, buying sepe or paraga at the T-juncture. He should know that his gimmicks is no longer sell-able. Let him do things accordingly rather than living a fake life before ekiti people.

I pity Mr. President for the hand of the political Hyenas and the Magpies he found himself.

A word is strictly for the wise and not for the gullible!


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