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Rivers Tribunal Verdict: APC Mocks Wike, Says Era Of Hooliganism Is Over


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has depicted Saturday’s court decision that invalidated the election of Nyesom Wike of Rivers State as a destructive body blow to exemption and hooliganism.

In an announcement issued in Lagos on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the gathering said the judgment was a sign that the period of exemption and hooliganism was over, and that the only way for elections to have authenticity was for them to be free, reasonable and credible.

”What has come across from this judgement is that there is no shortcut to free, fair and credible elections. This is part of the wind of change that is blowing across the land and touching all arms of government under the Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Elections are about the expression of the will of the people, and they must always be free to express themselves, irrespective of what some desperate politicians may feel,” it said.

APC said politicians, especially those seeking or occupying elective office, must realize that they can only derive their legitimacy from the people, and that unless they respect the wishes of the people, they will not go far.

The party further congratulated its candidate, Peterside Dakuku for not backing out of the fight.

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  1. Adekunle Opeyemi

    The count of thousand start from one

  2. Shehu Abubakar

    Hahaha! End of the road for Wicked Wike.

  3. it seems only northerners and their stooges elsewhere are the celebrants of the Abuja’s tribunal’s nullification of River,s guber election.

  4. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    Mr Mohammed; which election in Nigeria is free and fair? Keep decieving yourselves till the masses wizen up!

  5. One of my scorecards for PMB is ensuring everybody gets national ID card which should translate to voters card. enough of high rate of electoral malpractice and re-conduction of election – this is also wasteful. He must deliver electronic voting system. This is one of the low hanging fruits or quick win for his administration if he is a sincere leader. Any departure from this is a failure of our CHANGE.

  6. Nigeria Property

    Must inec officials who aided the rigging go free.
    They have the temerity to testify in court that election place. If nothing is done to them, we are not ready to stop repeat of this inec rubbish

  7. Anyone in Rivers State during the elections knows there was no election in Rivers. Yes, touts were just shooting about and that fear made legible voters to stay away from the ballot. But let it be known that just like PDP can never win Lagos no matter how awesome her candidate is, that’s the same way APC can never win Rivers even if the elections are conducted 10 times. It is as easy as ABC, period.

  8. Balogun Adesina

    APC and their support shouldn’t be over joyful ,Wike still have opportunity to appeal and the case might still be upturn.

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