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  1. Odunayo Omoniyi

    Few days to presidential election, the biggest election in AFRICA. If you’re voting,
    remember these factors:
    1. NNPC Scam.
    2. Potiskum cattle market attack in which over 300 people are killed.
    3. Police pension fund.
    4. Missing 20Billion.
    5. $9million Arms deal.
    6. Bomb Blasts.
    7. Immigration job scam.
    8. Petroleum pump price.
    9. Devaluation of Naira.
    10. Oil theft.
    11. Power outage.
    12. Selling of NEPA.
    13. Selling of Refineries.
    14. Skyrocketed NEPA Bills.
    15. ASUU & ASUP Strike.
    16. Healthworkers Strike.
    17. Burning and demolishion of Baga.
    18. Stella Oduah’s Aviation Scam.
    20. Kerosene subsidy.
    21. Missing of Chibok girls.
    22. National Assembly tragedy.
    23. ALBANY’s murder in Zaria.
    24. SHAYKH DAHIRU and Buhari’s attacks in Kaduna.
    25. Kano Juma’a Masjid attack.
    26. And more————–
    * They Didn’t Raise 21Billion for Ebola;
    * They Didn’t Raise 21Billion for dilapidated hospitals;
    * They didn’t raise 21Billion for Military Weapons against
    Boko Haram;
    * They Didn’t raise 21Billion for flood Victims;
    * They Didn’t raise 21 Billion for Boko Haram Victims;
    * They Didn’t raise 21Billion for children dying of Vaccine
    preventable disease;
    * They didn’t raise 21Billion for the homeless O.
    BUT they all gathered to raise 21Billion for another
    * NO WAY!!! **NOT AGAIN!!!
    *** ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!
    Please share it with your family & friends. Don’t allow Jonathan to destroy our remaining Nigeria

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