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Video: Watch The Debate Between Jimi Agbaje and Ambode as #lagosdecides

For those undecided voters in Lagos, you may need to watch this two-section feature of Jimi Agbaje and Akinwunmi Ambode slugging it out at an open debate that was facilitated by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday, January 23.
This is the second gubernatorial open debate between these two applicants and it introduced a somewhat uncovering exhibition – most definitely – considering a ton has been said in regards to “experience” or the scarcity in that department over the span of this race cycle.

Party affiliations aside, and measuring these men singularly on the benefits of this verbal confrontation, If you were to pick, who do you think turned out tops in this civil argument? Additionally, what part of the open debate did you discover the most fascinating as a potential voter? #lagosdecides

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    No doubt jimi is the man,the way he was analyzing the whole manifesto on the debate without referring to any book.but ambode stirmars, scared and even consulting his paper on any question thrown at him as if he was given the questions before coming for the debate.apart from that, jimi is more competent than ambode,jimi was too bold throw out the debate which ambode was repeating himself most of the time..logosians vote wisely,apart from the political party affiliations,vote for new innovation and bold idea,vote for jimi,we are tired of lastma,hoodlums, kia and too much of tax harassment on the street of lagos.Godfatherism is another set back,the money which will be use for project,one person some where will seat on it just in the name of God fatherism. vote wisely for the betterment of lagos state and her subjects.thank you.


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