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1 of Top 5 Traditional Souvenirs To Get.

1) Adire fabrics Adire are traditional fabrics mainly produced in Ogun and Lagos state. It is a garment designed by dipping plain white clothes in indigo. Afterwards, beautiful patterns are made on the clothes using candlesc. The ancient town of ...

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2 of Top 5 Traditional Souvenirs To Get (Cane Items)

2) Cane Items The Mende cane village under the Odo-Iyalaro Bridge in Maryland is abuzz every week with cane weavers making different household items like Baskets, Chairs, tables and hampers. The interesting fact here is that the cane furniture are ...

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3 of Top 5 Traditional Souvenirs To Get (Leather/hides shoes, bag, and belt)

3) Leather/hides shoes, bag, and belt Hides are available in large quantities in Northern Nigeria (Kano, Kaduna, Kwara among other states) because of the peculiar culture of cow rearing. The hides are oftentimes processed, tanned and made into different leather ...

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4 of Top 5 Traditional Souvenirs To Get .(Pottery; Pots and Dishes)

4) Pottery (Pots and Dishes) From Igbaja and Igbomina in Kwara, to Afikpo in Ebonyi and Gwari in Niger, the art of making pottery thrives. In all these destinations enhanced by its spectacular historical past, travellers can purchase products like ...

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5 of Top 5 Traditional Souvenirs To Get (Black Soap)

5)Black Soap Black Soap is the last souvenir that a traveller would love to buy. But it would be a wonderful idea if you actually purchase it. The health benefits of the soap is limitless. It can help cure various ...

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