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Question of the day – Differences & similarities between Awo, Babalawo/Baba awo

General Discussion!!! What are the differences and similarities between the following: 1. AWO 2. BABALAWO 3. BABA AWO Let’s discuss and learn!!!

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What is Egungun ?

Egungun , in the broadest sense of the word, refers to all types of Yoruba masquerades or masked, costumed figures. When used in its more specific, common sense, ” Egungun ” refers to the Yoruba masquerades connected with ancestor reverence, ...

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oodua image awards

Save the date!!! Oodua image awards 2016 live in houston texas

Save the date Oodua image awards 2016 is coming up on october 28th and 29th 2016 live in houston texas usa.

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Stop pimping Oduduwa heritage – Omo Oba

Oduduwa hegemony must be retained. We are not slaves to any of the colonial thugs that invaded our land and took our civility for weakness. Enough is enough. Yoruba need to be freed from the assaults of Arabs and Europeans.

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Free Thy Self

Message for all the people that are bent on pimping our culture.

Slaves,obey yoru earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT) Free Thy Self ! ~Omo Oba

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aso iyi ile yoruba

Top 7 Ways to spot a Yoruba?

Thank you for  your likes, comments, suggestions and contributuions!   So…. How to spot a Yoruba? Continue bellow to see ways to spot a Yoruba. 1)How she speaks…

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Yoruba Civilization Oba Adeyemi

The Alaafin Of Oyo, Oba Adeyemi III, request for state Official Recognition of Yoruba Civilization

English/Portugues Religious discrimination still compromise the maintenance of our rich Culture Heritage. There is need for greater commitment of Oyo State Government with our Yoruba traditional religion, which are part of our cultural identity left by our ancestors and Intangible ...

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yoruba language

Ijinle Ohun Ife: The Yoruba Language of The Gods

Oluporo Ikaomesi Ijenjeniwonran, D’Ifa fun Olodumare ti yio t’orun fimule mu ebora se….. Igare-Osule, gbogbo eriwo ni foribale fun alase ‘Ijinle Ohun Ife’………………… { ‘Oluporo Ikaomesi Ijenjeniwonran (Sealers Of Every Words & Languages), Divined for the Almighty God that initiated ...

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yoruba culture

Yo’ooba Civilization: Yoruba Culture & Language Must Not Be Mistaken

A contemporary Yoruba Muslim or Christian is wary of saying ASE because it is common amongst the traditionalists. And some do not want to say OLODUMARE because they think it is the name of a deity. Others do not want ...

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Tiv Nupe Ijaw

#NigeriaAt55: Top 10 Biggest Cultural Groups In Nigeria

Nigeria is a land of diverse cultures, speaking a multitude of different languages. Despite our differences, there is real beauty in our diversity. The Federal Ministry of Tourism and Culture in its Fascinating Nigeria Magazine published the biggest cultural groups ...

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