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Ògúndá Ogbè Breaking News

Ògúndá Ogbè: Breaking News

Agongo sígo sígo

The Ifa diviner called Agongo sígo sígo

Agongo sìgo sìgo

Another Ifa diviner called Agongo sìgo sìgo

A dífá fún Ògúndá

They were the diviners for Ògúndá

Èyí tí ó tẹ̀hìn wá

The one who came from behind

Tó wá borí Ogbè mọ́lẹ̀

And outperformed Ogbè….

Ògún tẹ̀hìnwá o

Ògún emerged from behind

Ògún borí Ogbè mọ́lẹ̀

And outstripped Ogbè

Orí rere ni tìrèère

The head of the turtle is a fortunate head.

Gboyega Oyetola has now been declared the winner of the last Osun gubernatorial election, and Ademola Adeleke has now been declared the loser.

Adeleke is asked to step down from the governor’s office

Oyetola is asked to step up to the governorship.

It is a situation that invokes the Odù of Ògúndá Ogbè.

The specific ẹsẹ Ifa appropriate to the situation is presented above.

The question now is what is next?

We are back in the year 1963.

The battle was between Akintola and Awolowo.

One ended in prison

The other ended up dead

The first president, Nnamdi Azikiwe, an Igbo man, was installed

and the dance towards 1966 began.

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