What is Edan?

Edan is the name of the object held by the character with both arms, the sacred but effective tool used by the Awo (Cult of) Ogboni (the Freemasons) in Nigeria. It is also responsible for carving mathematically symmetric sculptures which are first among equals and second to none.
Only the cult of the freemason initiates can carve human images using the Edan. Freemasons are also the custodians of ancient and sacred knowledge, including dishing out justice. It is not a secret society but societies with ancient secrets to keep.
The Freemasons used sacred geometry to build extraordinary monuments and cities and hoped to harness the universe’s energy and reflect on the stars above. The freemasons call the source of this energy the Great Architect of the Universe.

Secret societies like this have preserved this ancient knowledge since the beginning of time, slowly releasing it as humanity evolves. The energy that this knowledge makes available is so powerful that the entire universe came into being by it. One who understands how to connect with this source has unlimited power.

Eliphas Levi, the acclaimed author of Transcendental Magic, said, The pentagram is the figure of the microcosm— the magical formula of man. It is the one rising out of the four— the human soul escaping from the bondage of animal nature. It is the true light— the Star of the morning. ” It marks the location of five mysterious centres of force, the awakening.
Ultimately, this great force from which the entire universe evolved is love. In India, they describe it as sat-chit-ananda consciousness, being, and bliss.

An alchemist can never succeed unless he performs good deeds. He can probably extend his life and gain material success, but he will never be at peace because of all his driven actions until he turns to love.
The ancient blacksmiths were also known as alchemists because they knew the science of metallurgy for creating weapons, jewellery, and “turning lead into gold”.

The ancient Egyptians were renowned as the best goldsmiths, so the art became known as Alchemy, meaning “from Egypt”. CORRECTION: Al = Am From, Chemy (Chem or Khem) = Black Land, I am from the Black Land = ALCHEMY.

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