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International political activist, public commentator, Political scientist and a law abiding citizen of Nigeria. Famous Quote ---> "AngloZionist Empire = Anglo America + Anglo Saxon + the Zionist Israel + All their Pamement Puppets (E.g all the countries in NATO,Saudi Arabia,Japan,Qatar..) +Temporary Puppets (E.g Boko haram, Deash, alQeda,ISIL,IS,...)"

US Sends twelve Thunderbolt II Attack Planes to Eastern Europe

The United States plans to send 12 A-10 Thunderbolt II assault flying machine and pretty nearly 300 servicemen to NATO-member nations in Eastern Europe. The United States has sent 12 Thunderbolt II assault flying machine and roughly 300 servicemen to a US ...

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Barack Obama Threatened Vladimir Putin Before Minsk Meeting – German Media

A few German media establishments composed that amid the late telephone discussion, US President Barack Obama debilitated the Russian President Vladimir Putin with genuine results for Russia’s asserted contribution in the Ukrainian clash. White House says Obama told Putin the ...

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Morale & attitude – an alternate Video sample

You need to get a “vibe” for the Novorussian mentality nowadays? Keep in mind how the Ukies were hopping on the Maidan shouting “he who does not jump is a Moskal”? All things considered, the beyond any doubt are jumping ...

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Amazing! CNN finally says the truth :-)

Look at this screenshot of a CNN report: I would have favored “arming US controlled Nazis” yet “pro-US troops” is a great first step.

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Je Suis Laurent Gbagbo

Today President Laurent Gbagbo ( Cote d’Ivoire ) is in ICC prison because he has ruined the plans of France and USA as well as their local puppeteers to fully grab the resources of the country. He is being in ...

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