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Akpos mistakenly sent 800 Thousand !

Akpos mistakenly sent 800 Thousand Naira to a wrong phone number via Mobile Money. Akpos realized that before the person withdraws the whole money, he had to think of what to do if he wants to get his money back ...

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Akpos, a graduate of Accounting ,writes a letter to his GF Chichi

Akpos a graduate of Accounting ,wrote a letter to his GF Chichi Love letter from an Accountant In the Journal of my heart, I have written a Journal Entry, Debiting my love & crediting my affection, Now partners, I write ...

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jokes: At a table in a restaurant, Akpos and a Lady having dinner

Akpos: Baby, I love you, would you please marry me? Lady: (stands up and lands a sound slap on his face)I have waited more than 9yrs, I have prayed, fasted, sowed seeds, bought books and listened to tapes, even went ...

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Check out top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About!

There can be literally nothing better than a herb to cure diverse issues in your body. From minor rashes on the skin to extreme stomach pain, there is literally nothing that herbs can’t treat. Everything you need is the learning ...

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6 simple ways to tone & tighten up your bum (Bridge)


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Jokes: Between Secondary School geography Teacher & Akpos

A secondary school geography teacher Akpos went to drink at a beer parlour after school on a friday. His wife was at home waiting for him to come back as usual. It was past 4pm and he was not yet ...

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akpos girlfriend

Joke: Akpors The Madman

A Dirty Dressed Akpos saw a girl and he suddenly ran to her..! The girl seeing him thought he was a madman running towards her. She took to her heels, she ran Continue after the page break.

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AKPOS – EKAITTE:- Sweetheart, I’m GEJ…

AKPOS:- Sweetheart, i’m GEJ EKAITTE:- U’r kidding, Our president is GEJ (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) AKPORS:- I mean, i’m GEJ- GOING ON EMERGENCY JOURNEY! EKAITTE (Smiles):- Oh! U’re not serious! What kind of journey are u going on? AKPORS:- OBJ EKAITTE:- ...

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Top 15

Check out top 15 Funny Childhood Nostalgic Pics That Will Make You Feel Old

1) Goody goody, mehn this thing sweet die, if you ate this during your childhood you’ll understand. 2) Oya lie say u never did this during your childhood.. One of my friends in sec school then fit chop pen cover in his ...

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Check out Top 10 Theories About How Biology Creates A Criminal

Some scientists theorize that criminal science or biology  is distinctive, with the inclination to violate the law encoded in the guilty party’s DNA. To say that somebody is “born bad” is a gross exaggeration, yet researchers have proposed that a ...

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