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Bitcoin is very close to break UP the ATH, take note!

Altcoins bouncing nicely with this Bitcoin sideways consolidation.

But be carefull, maybe is time to release some bags that you might not have used a properly stop loss…

Bitcoin’s movement isn’t finished yet, and when the king wakes UP again, you know what Will happen to alts, right?

:point_right: Bear in mind:

Bitcoin is very close to break UP the ATH, and that can bring a massive FIAT income to the market and a strong BTC run.

Altcoins Will suffer in the beginning, but when bitcoin goes sideways they Will pump hard, considering that the new money in the market will always start to look for “the new bitcoin”.

This is not Financial advise, It’s our opinion considering what we have been experiencing in this market since 2013 and specially in 2017.

Play safe, stay long and don’t be Dumb to try hunting the Peak.
The trend is your friend, raise the stop following It and let the market take you out.


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