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A fool at 40 is a fool forever; what about the one at 60?

A fool at 40 is a fool forever; what about the one at 60?

Nigeria or ‘Nig(g)er’ area is not working and has not been working for over 60 years of partial independence from the Anglo Saxon. Make no mistake between these two, a Patriot and a Nationalist. The latter would want us to think irrespective of what happens to a foreign entity, home is home but Patriot would tell you as it is.

60-years of interrupted power supply (electricity).

60-years of premature death.

60-years of bad roads.

60-years of abject poverty.

60-years of no gas supply.

60-years of no viable health care system for all.

60-years of no social security.

60-years of political prostitution, instability, and insecurity.

60-years of no steel industry (hence no industrialization).

60 years of no food security.

60 years of no pipe-borne water.

60 years of no human rights.

60 years of living under despair and constant existential threat and danger to lives and properties.

60 years of bad governance and no accountability.

60-years of puppetry.

60 years of massive corruption at all levels of government and private institutions.

60-years of cultural extinction.

60-years of failed capitalist ideology.

60-years of a failed educational institution.

60-years of promoting insecurity of lives and properties.

60-years of praying but no economic salvation.

The list is endless for an immature entity (“Nig{g}er area”) – and the reason is not lack of human index but that of structural foundation. 

Let’s put is square – Nigeria was working at some point in time during the Awolowo socialist era; that would be inadmissible by the powers who created the entity for her economic interest.

In a lay man’s Language, a socialist state would be too independent to control by the Anglo-zionist empire while a capitalist ideology is close to grasping.

Perhaps there were several allegations against Awolowo in what I would call the fake news back in the day. Awolowo was not indicted by any court of jurisdiction or did anyone manage to prove he looted during his era? No, he was put in jail even after Gowon released him with the promise of fresh elections where he could contest and re-distribute the leadership nationwide. Why did Gowon double down? Gowon was a British puppet, by the way.

Awolowo’s effort was sabotaged by the forces who created Nigger Area(Nigeria) for her own economic benefit. How dare such an entity work for the people?

Another point worthy of note is the minority proxy force used by the Anglo-Zionist empire to subjugate the entity militarily. For example, the Fulani hegemony, the foot soldiers holding the rubbles together and few vested interest cabals.

Let’s also make no mistake, the entity (Nigger Area) can exist as a socialist state within the grasp of the empire but this always comes at a cost of given up sovereignty as in the case of many socialist states in NATO.

(Sidenote: Comparing socialist states like Denmark, Norway, Netherlands. These countries are colonized by the Anglo-zionist empire under the aegis of NATO. A socialist state under the full protectorate of the empire’s military block. All the countries in NATO have lost their sovereignty)

Awolowo socialism was making the Western region too independent and that goes completely against capitalist norms. 

The main point here. It does not matter if a country is a socialist or capitalist state as long as it’s under the full control of the empire. For Nigeria to be a socialist state while under the empire, then it must give up her sovereignty ( this is what the empire wants but Nigeria did not give that up yet. They wanted to install a base in the country. Nigeria refused but Ghana ( a sold-out African country) agreed to put a base in Ghana.

An example of NATO in AFRICA is AFRICOM. Different names but the same military block.

For a socialist Nigeria. It must give up her sovereignty to the empire for peace to rain. This did not or has not happened. So part of the reason they need to take it back.

Let’s also make no huge mistake, the entity created by the Anglo-zionist empire has expired and there is room for a new beginning, new dawn, or a national dialogue but a few forces who benefit from the failed capitalist ideology infested in the people over 10 decades are still holding the rubbles together. The question is for how long?

Some may be fooled too quickly, emotionally by those playing cards in the theatre of failure and using a few masses’ weakness to further their agenda of more capitalism, more puppetry, and a more vicious circle of failure. What this clan doesn’t understand is, you cannot bring a revolution to the people.

The people must evolve from it naturally. The only way you can do something is to help them understand why we are here, what happened to us and where are we going next. (WHY WHAT AND WHERE)

What is the Order of the day or why are we here?

The order of the day is we have an expired Business entity that was created by the Anglo Saxon and a revolutionist (Colour Revolution now) trying to renew the expired entity via a regime change and continue the failed Capitalist ideology while the forces still keeping the failed or expired entity together are making the same mistake they made a century ago but this time with the Chinese.

The dying empire is mad they are losing their entity forever fall from the grasp, fighting to take it back while the remnants of the failed Nigger Area are pushing to renew another era of the same thing but with different potential power, China. Where are the people in this war of control? Nowhere and this is where we are as a people. We are nowhere in the realms of reality before us.

The biggest mistake would be thinking we need more capitalism to solve a failed one that died in 2008. You cannot use a dead ideology to revive the current system. That is what revolution now, Boko Haram and Biafra is all about. You can also not continue to wallow in a vicious circle of failure thinking the Chinese offer a non-interference in internal affairs of the failed entity but represent the same ideology.

The only difference is China does not interfere in the internal affairs of its potential economically re-colonized subjects while the Anglo-zionist empire does just that even to the extent of regime change and installation of a permanent puppet.

What happened to us?

A lot has happened and still happening. Capitalism is what happened to us.

Difference between a capitalist and a Socialist living in a face me I face you.

A Capitalist mentality in ‘a face me I slap you’ setting:

A capitalist living in a ‘face me I face you house’. He or she already wants to cook different meals three times daily just to show off to the neighbour he lives better than them. Some even may not be able to afford three square meals but just keep going to that kitchen to cook anything. Now that is the mind of an average capitalist. (SHOW OFF)  

A socialist mentality

A socialist that can afford two meals but calls his neighbour’s children that he or she is sure does not have something to eat to join him during his two meals per day or even call the parents if they are that close to joining him in sharing the two sure meals per day.

Now that is what I am talking about. Being a socialist means you care about your neighbour but not I don’t care capitalist mentality that has eaten deep into the lives of an average Nigerian. And surely not the capitalist ideology of how they want us to socialize (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). Platforms for showing off little recently acquired wealth or knowledge.

So the word Social means CARE. Know what is happening to your nearest neigbour. Be social in such regard. Give help when needed without asking for anything in return.

Meanwhile, a socialist community can only produce a socialist leader. (LEADER) The same applies to the wrought known as capitalism that has eaten deep into the Nigger area.

Take, for instance, the area where you live. If everyone is not showing off to each other but helping one another survive and live. What kind of leader do you think your area will have at the local government level?

Now, these issues above is what those stinky-rich capitalists fear the most. A society where they cannot manipulate the masses or turn one against another to steal the resources starting from human to natural resources and pay little in return.

Now let me ask you these questions.

How many times have you got off your car to check on someone that is being harassed by a policeman? (Imagine if 50 people got off their cars to meet the policeman harassing someone on the road just to inquire why the person is being stopped). Don’t forget the word is CARE(Socialism) while I don’t care means you are a capitalist (Capitalism).

What do you think the Policeman would do? 

He won’t go to that area again cos that is a bad market for him.

How many times have you called someone you know has nothing to eat to come and join you in a meal free of charge without asking anything back? (Ask others too around you)

How many times have you witness and gone to rescue a fellow human being that receiving lynching cos he or she stole $50 worth of necklace? (Can you imagine how inhumane people could be, lynching someone to death because of stealing $50 worth of jewelry and let those who still billions work free.)

How many times have you gone to rescue the aged woman that they are lynching to death, claiming she turned from a flying bird to a woman? (This is a mentality change that is needed urgently from our religious leaders).

They also rub us everyday with stupid ideas. Like calling someone a witch and all kind of nonsense to manipulate and get a token back in return for the backward service they give.

Imams too worse, brainwashing people, saying if you kill an infidel, 70 virgins are waiting in heaven for such a person. What kind of nonsense is that?

Where are we going next will be out in 3rd edition of A Fool at 40 is a Fool Forever; what about a fool at 60?

Bookmark this page as links to the 2nd and 3rd edition will be posted when it’s out.

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