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This is Why the Value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEM & Others Sharply Fell

On June 15, the cryptocurrency market experienced an important market correction as the worthiness of leading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic and NEM sharply fell.In total, the cryptocurrency market lost around ₦5.8 Trn ($16 bln) in market cap, moving back off to ₦34.5 Trn ($95 bln) after achieving a historic milestone earlier this week by surpassing the ₦364 Trn ($100 bln) mark.



Cryptocurrencies, generally speaking, had a great run and maintained strong momentum in the last few months. Bitcoin, specifically, began for extensive media coverage from mainstream media outlets including the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. Traditional newspapers like the WSJ continuously featured Bitcoin on the front page, comparing Bitcoin price compared to that of gold and reserve currencies including the US dollar.


Only four days ago, Bitcoin price established a brand new all-time high of  ₦1.09 Mln ($3,018). In just a week, Bitcoin price surged from around ₦837K ($2,300) to ₦1.09 Mln ($3,018). However, as observed in the trend of Bitcoin price dating back again to 2009, Bitcoin always had a small market correction after establishing its new all-time high and rising to a brand new peak. However, Bitcoin price frequently stabilized at an area higher compared to previous peak. For example, when Bitcoin price plunged from ₦982K ($2,700) to ₦691K ($1,900) overnight amid a small market correction, Bitcoin price established a brand new all-time saturated in the ₦1.09 Mln ($3,000) area.


Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin and security expert, told the city that it’s important to think about the factors behind the surge of cryptocurrencies such as for example Bitcoin before evaluating the causes behind their fall. Antonopoulos stated:


He also emphasized that the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin, specifically, have returned to more sustainable levels that’ll be very theraputic for users, traders and investors in the long-run. Bitcoin and Ethereum amongst other cryptocurrencies and crypto assets were increasing at an interest rate that only wasn’t proportional. The explosive growth of ICOs and mainstream media-produced hype resulted in a bubble in the cryptocurrency market and the marketplace responded with a correction. “We’re in time for more sustainable price levels for several cryptos. In the act of reverting to the long run trendline, we shall undershoot,” Antonopoulos added.

On May 28, Buy BitCoins In Nigeria revealed that the cryptocurrency market fell drastically and suffered a significant market correction as Bitcoin price fell from 982K ($2,700) to ₦701K ($1,926) After the original plunge, Bitcoin recovered beyond the last peak of ₦982K ($2,700) to ₦1.09 Mln ($3,000).



Bitcoin price is a routine which most investors dismiss. As seen throughout its history, Bitcoin price always recovered beyond its previous peak.

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