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Yorùbá Nollywood Movies

Ife Ni

Review: Ife Ni – Latest Yoruba Movie 2017 Drama Premium (Blaspheme!)

Esu is not satan, it has never been and will never be. Despite the fact that Google translate made changes to its script after an awareness campaign, our Yoruba script writers, actors and actresses continue this Blasphemous act against the tradition that feeds ...

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olekutv propaganda film

KABI O OSI 1&2 Update – Another Pure Attack Against invisible traditional religion of the Yoruba.

This is an update on the pure attack against traditional religion of Ifa. Recently a review was made about this film by OlekuTv Watch a Typical Religious Propaganda against Traditional Religion of Africa. (KABI O OSI 2) After getting a ...

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ere youruba keji

Keji – Ere Yorùbá Dirama Titun 2017 | Saidi Balogun | Liz Da Silva

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Yoruba Latest 2016 Movie – Suuru


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morili aromimawe

Eré Yorùbá 2016: Aromimawe

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omoge lekki

Latest Yoruba Nollywood Movie: Omoge Lekki- starring Mercy Aigbe

Money answer all things”, so they say, but does it satisfy all needs?, When one’s priority in life is to get money by all means not minding the Consequences, then the end of such a person is unpredictable. Have fun ...

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lies about traditional religion of ifa

Another Psychological attack against Traditional Religion Of Ifa via propagandistic Films like this – Ikorita Maberu

Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics. By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at another’s expense, such methods could be considered ...

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omo ijoba part 2

Latest Yoruba Movie 2016 Drama- Omo Ijoba [Part 1&2]


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Latest Yoruba Movie 2016 Comedy – Halimat Oniluola


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AYE ETAN Yoruba Movie AYE ETAN Review marketing foreign ideology a Blaspheme against ATR

Yoruba Movie: AYE ETAN [Review – marketing foreign ideology, a Blaspheme against ATR]

ATR – African traditional religion for more than a century has been under massive attack, the victims are Yoruba people, other African traditional religions, shrines, traditional beliefs. The religious blaspheme against African traditional religion is usually done via medium such as ...

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