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Iraqi Forces Retake Anbar University from ISIL in the city of Ramadi

Iraqi security army took control over the University of Anbar in the city of Ramadi in central Iraq that was already possessed by ISIL aggressors. ABUJA [Ooduarere], Balogun Adesina — Iraqi security drives on Sunday recovered the University of Anbar in the city ...

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Kurdistan Workers’ Party End Ceasefire With Ankara After Turkey’s Airstrikes

The armed wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) ended a 3-year-long truce agreement with Turkey after Ankara completed a progression of airstrikes on PKK preparing camps and bases in Iraq. LAGOS (Ooduarere) — The outfitted wing of the Kurdistan ...

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US Archive Uncovers Photos of White House Reaction to 9/11 Attacks

The US National Archive uncovered never-before-seen pictures of Bush Administration authorities meeting in a mystery zone of the White House after the September 11, 2001 terrorist assaults. New photos discharged by the US National Archives uncovered already concealed reactions by ...

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Russia will Make World Cup 2018 Great Sports Event Ever– Putin tells Blatter

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is on timetable for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and will give full solace and security to visitors and members alike. STRELNA (Ooduarere) — Russia will make every essential move to make sure ...

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Kenya rejects US homosexual agenda, see what Obama said about Gays today

Kenya is a hostile to gay nation. The following is what President Obama said when asked amid a question and answer session this evening in Nairobi what he thinks about gay rights in Kenya. Here is what the  Kenyan president, Uhuru ...

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Opinion: Arunma Oteh becomes World Bank VP & Treasurer

Re: Arunma Oteh becomes World Bank VP & Treasurer ( If you missed the Article click here) Opinion The World Bank appoints Arunma Oteh [one of the most-vilified appointees of President Goodluck Jonathan] to manage a global $150bn porfolio as ...

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#SomeoneTellCNN Trending Worldwide as African Social Media Army tackle CNN Propaganda against Kenyans

CNN propaganda is at again and this time around the twitter sphere social media armies,  Trolls lol have come for them over the headline news titled  “Security Fears As Obama Heads To Terror Hotbed“. This is the narative the Media tries to ...

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Pentagon frightened over Russia’s Military Satellite ‘Maneuver ability says it’s Too Much’

The mobility of Russia’s Cosmos-2504 military satellite dispatched on March 31 from the Plesetsk test site has frightened the US Air Force, which supposes it might possibly be an “on-orbit hostile to satellite weapon.”

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Graphic photos: Dozens confirmed dead & Scores injured after explosion Rock Turkish town

26 have been affirmed dead and more than 50 individuals harmed after an immense blast in the Turkish town of Suruc close to the Syrian outskirt early today. An hour ago. The blast focused Kurdish young people and western volunteers ...

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CrossTalk Video: Kiev’s Contradictions

Collapsing narratives and more worrying signs. Political infighting and violence continue to engulf the Kiev regime. Europe calls on Poroshenko to honor the Minsk agreement, while the Pentagon says it wants to escalate its presence in Ukraine. CrossTalking with Mary ...

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