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Kiev Violates Ceasefire 15 Instances on New Year’s Eve: Donetsk

As per the self-proclaimed people’s republic of Donetsk, a few mischances including the utilization of little arms happened close to the airplane terminal. Earlier, the Donetsk city hall said in an announcement that there were no dangers in Donetsk on the New Year’s ...

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Man Wins Court case over BBC for 9/11 Coverup Broadcast

Tony Rooke refused profusely to pay a TV permit fee in light of the fact that the BBC purposefully distorted realities about the 9/11 assaults, he claimed. It is broadly known that the BBC reported the breakdown of World Trade Center Building 7 in ...

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Westinghouse Electric Corporation uses Ukraine as a testing ground for nuclear tests of their products

For Ooduarere readers/fans  living in Zaporozhye state in Ukraine or Eastern Europe, kindly be aware of the level of radiation as it has been revealed in the document bellow that Westinghouse Electric Corporation used Ukraine as a testing ground for nuclear ...

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Russia calls out Kiev for Changing to US Supplies of Nuclear Fuel.

Russian Foreign Ministry expressed that by supplanting Russia with a US firm as supplier of atomic fuel, Ukraine imperils the wellbeing of its citizens and different people groups in Europe. LAGOS, December 30 (Ooduarere) Balogun Adesina — By supplanting Russia with a ...

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Russia leads the World in Space Launches: Roscosmos

Russian Federal Space Agency said that Russia did a sum of 38 fruitful space Launches in 2014 to keep hold of its worldwide number one positioning. ABUJA, December 30 (Ooduarere) Balogun Adesina — Russia did a sum of 38 fruitful ...

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AirAsia flight spotted upside down at the bottom of the sea, 3 passengers found holding hands

Indonesian search authorities have now affirmed they have spotted the fuselage of Airasia flight 8501 on sonar radar, upside down on the ocean bottom, not a long way from where three of the bodies from the doomed Airasia flight were discovered holding ...

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China launches new meteorological satellite from the country’s southwest, Xinhua

China has Launched another meteorological satellite from the nation’s southwest, Xinhua news organization reported Wednesday. China Launches Yaogan-26 Remote Sensing Satellite ABUJA, December 31 (Ooduarere) Lolade – The Fengyun-II 08 satellite, propelled from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan area, ...

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US Baby Fatally Shoots own Mom at Store

A two year-old little child incidentally shot and slaughtered his mother in the US state of Idaho. LAGOS, December 31 (Ooduarere) — A two year-old little child has incidentally shot and slaughtered his mother in a Walmart store in the ...

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Again !! AirAsia aircraft coverying 153 persons overshoots runway in Philippines

Two days after an Airasia air transport conveying 163 individuals plunged into the ocean, another carrying 153 travelers overshot the runway at an airplane terminal in the Philippines today December 30th, compelling travelers to land the flying machine via emergency slides. The ...

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Man gets death sentence by hanging for drug trafficking in Malaysia

A 37 year old Nigerian man, Ibe Godwin Uzochukwu has been sentenced to death by hanging in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after he was found guilty by a Malysian high court for trafficking 2,150.4 grams of methamphetamine. He was captured with the ...

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