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Top 5 Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Will Always be Low

Smartphone batteries have been reinforced over the years to last longer with lithium batteries. Notwithstanding, there are some phones whose batteries drain within a few minutes. There may be nothing wrong with the battery. But the question is why is the battery not lasting longer than usual? In response to this, Jumia Travel shares five reasons why.


The screen is too bright

One way that your battery runs out of battery is when your screen is too bright. The brightness will affect not only the battery but also your eyes. It’s better to set your phone to automatically adjust to the lighting of the ambiance. You can also reduce the time it takes for your phone to go off whenever you stop using it.


You forget to switch off your WiFi

You are using your phone WiFi where it’s actually functioning. After leaving the place, you forget to switch it off. If it keeps searching and alerting you whenever WiFi is available, your battery will run out pretty fast.


You receive notifications every second

Why won’t your phone battery drain when your phone keeps alerting you of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other notifications? Then you don’t need to complain. You check your browser for notifications rather than using the apps. You can also turn off notifications


Background apps are running

You should check the background apps draining your battery so that you can ‘kill’ them. Your phone may alert about the apps consuming the most battery. But sometimes you have to disable these apps yourself by refreshing or cleaning your phone.


Your battery is bad or damaged

If you have tried all of the aforementioned reasons and your battery still runs out very fast, you should consider replacing the battery because it may be bad or damaged.

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