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BTC2019: Advanced Lightning Applications | Olaoluwa Osuntokun

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dream job

See Top 8 Skills You Need To Land Your Dream Job

Any office environment in the 21st century is changing rapidly. Organizations don’t employ people based on the certificate anymore; rather they employ them based on the skills. Put simply, a dullard does not have any devote current day Organization as ...

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ugly car interior

6 Cars With completely Ugly Interior You Wouldn’t Even Like To See

The Interior of a vehicle especially the dashboard is one of many element of a vehicle that will make the automobile look very beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Spend some time to check on the interiors of all exotic ...

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Watch 5 smart ways to use concrete for anything.

  5 clever ways to use concrete for anything. Aslo check out – 6 cool ways to reuse plastic bottles: See how to make Table Air Coniditioner.♻️ – Video  

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low battery

Top 5 Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Will Always be Low

Smartphone batteries have been reinforced over the years to last longer with lithium batteries. Notwithstanding, there are some phones whose batteries drain within a few minutes. There may be nothing wrong with the battery. But the question is why is ...

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ooni OF_IFE_abormination

Man lampoons the personality in the throne of ‘Ooni of Ife’ for calling Jesus his father

“He’s supposed to be the “Arole” of Oduduwa, but he’s here calling a fictional character his father. The sad part is, he’s encouraging others to do same. This is not shocking to me in the slightest. This is what happens ...

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See Inside Lamborghini’s Renovated Museum

Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy houses the brand’s official museum, which just received an entire overhaul. A lot of classic Italian metal is likely to be on display in the museum, which aso had its entire layout and each of ...

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Design-Interior Architecture In Nigeria Is Very Bad

Design: Interior Architecture In Nigeria Is Very Bad ?

In reality it is! Take o South African partners as an illustration. House interiors there are so flawlessly made contrasted with the “Million dollar chateaus” you find in high brow territories. These are standard rooms you should find in a 40 ...

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top 5 suv to buy 2015 Nigeria

Check out top 10 SUVs to Buy 2015

There’s no all inclusive list of the best SUVs to purchase in 2015, however there’s most likely an in number pack of contenders that ought to be on your test drive plan when it comes time to get another family ...

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top 5 suv to buy 2015 Nigeria

Top 5 SUVs to Buy 2015


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