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Design-Interior Architecture In Nigeria Is Very Bad

Design: Interior Architecture In Nigeria Is Very Bad ?

In reality it is! Take o South African partners as an illustration. House interiors there are so flawlessly made contrasted with the “Million dollar chateaus” you find in high brow territories. These are standard rooms you should find in a 40 million naira duplex.

What’s more, thinking about how you can re-make that sort of inside?.. Innovativeness, both in the use of lights or wood.  Bellow your typical naija 80 million naira lounge. So Small terrible and blocky! furious

Please we need a real change… We need creativity. I became this engrossed ever since I started searching for house interiors. I am currently in south Africa, and they have great design institute and schools. There is a great job opportunity if you can study abroad and apply your gained knowledge in the Nigerian real estate industry. I plan on studying interior design or interior architecture.

I’m only sharing this cos I need a change in the Nigerian real estate. Most Singaporean men made it with real estate. If you plan on building a house multimillion naira house soon, you can ask for the service of a competent architect and interior designer ( they usually work in hand to create an understandable house plan) or better still buy a house plan from s.a which can fit into the Nigerian market, Surf thru some interior design sites E.G: http://www.houzz.com, Don’t let any one discourage you! Wooden looking sitting room and bedrooms are the easiest to replicate. On a minimal budget this shouldn’t cost 5 to 6 million for a house below 40 million. Get the services of good artisans ( most especially for the pop guys, electricians and carpenters) this is where the creativity is needed. Show them your interior design plan and let them create some thing similar to what u want. Also the application of glass should be a welcome development. It is cheap and it adds beauty.

In conclusion, a house worth 80 million naira should have an investment of at least 30-35 million in building cost and interior design (cost of land is exempted).

How? clay brick instead of concrete brick pros: cheap, lasts longer, reduces painting cost. Major Cons: there is low knowledge it there by high demand with low supply which can only result to one thing HIGH COST.

If that is not viable why don’t you go for glass walls instead of concrete walls( yh yh!) Security?… the probability of a robber scaling a high electric fence with barbed wire is low in Lagos.  Think of the possibility of having this as the back of your house (Fig: 151-630×417). This shouldn’t cost less than 1 to 2 million to create depending on size.

Lets be creative. I advise you import lights ,cabinet handles and necessary stuff if you plan on replicating designs found on any design sharing website, this also shouldn’t cost as much as u plan on buying cabinets from Nigeria. Let me add this:..Space brings refreshment to a well designed house. It increases price and and easy marketing. If you can design a house like the examples seen. If you spend 30- 35mil in original cost you can easily make a 150% profit.

Prove me Right smiley

We all need a change.


I love this kitchen (Photo bellow), glass walls, polished wooden floors, great cabinet arrangement, you can see the dining far ahead. useful sense of space! it will give you the best night view if you have pop works done. i wonder why there are so many walls in a Nigerian house. we care about a 90yrs life span. rubbish!!! with the present housing pattern Nigerians uses, your house will be outdated in less than 10 yrs. so wat is the essence?, glass walls have a life span of 20 – 35 yrs lifespan. at least every 7 to 8 yrs, you can change few things to meet up with the latest designs. but we must accept we are not flexible with innovations. we suffer ignorance in spite of the cash spent on buying the property. our educational system is lacking.

When your environment is flooded with bulky ugly designs, there is no way u will break out. Study abroad, i advise you do. invest time in researching on-line. check schools that can meet up with your budget. It only takes dedication. I see a big void that needs to be filled. very lucrative way to double your investment faster, for those who dream big you can take a course in home designing in s.a preferably and float your company with a goal to build beautiful houses. Please we all need to dump our ugly building pattern, sometimes i wish Nigeria could be as developed as south Africa but it all starts with us, if we can redirect our thinking, if we can be more exposed. i think we will meet up quickly.

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