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#GEJOneMoreTime: Naeto C, Fans Exchange Words Publicly.

Nigerian rapper, Naeto C, is viewed as a composed young person, who goes about fulfilling his fans. Indeed from his music, it could be seen that he is in the wake of doing what he knows how to do best, music.

On Tuesday, the child of ex-Aviation Minister and Women leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Kema Chikwe, performed at the President Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration battle held at the Eagles Square, Abuja.

He thrilled the crowd with his hit tunes. Naeto C later posted picture of his dress on his Instagram page, yet some of his fans lashed out at him, calling him names. Enraged over the issue, the rapper pronounced that whoever he supports is not peoples’ business.

“I’m disappointed wit Naeto C seriously….u guys re practically smiling n celebrating d deaths of those yobe secondary school students by holding/attending this declaration…smh! a country wit a clueless president,” iam_xlimz wrote.

jabir_ink wrote, “you are an id*ot for supporting GEJ.”

Responding, Naeto C wrote,

“My dear friend @jabir_ink we are not peers or mates on any level at all, please learn to be respectful to those older than you, furthermore if you will comment on adult matters it means you must also behave like an adult, who I support has absolutely nothing to do with you or your opinions in life, I encourage you to be more positive and support whomever you feel might be a good leader in your opinion, have a great day and please watch the use of your words in the future.”

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