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This Video Breaks my Heart

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Comment of the day !
I’m tired of seeing Africans throwing punches at one another and wrestling ourselves on the streets as if that’s the only way to convey our agitation. About five of such videos have littered my wall today, not even putting into account of the fist fight videos that I have come across in the past.
And we seem to be “masturbating” in such obnoxious practice. In this dispensation of smart phone technology, people don’t even need to go to boxing and wrestling shows anymore, sufficient recording can be made on the streets by entertained pedestrians, and “tossed” to the internet for others to enjoy.
Come to think of it, the way these ladies yank one anothers’ Brazilian hair in their battle, pinches my skin. If you know you got so much energy and skills, why don’t you just channel those talents towards professional boxing and wrestling, who knows, you may just be better than Tyson, Bash Ali and Hulk Hogan. Smile to the bank while doing something you enjoy; the streets are never kind to those who give so much to it, I beg of you tori Olorun, stay off the streets!

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