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ÈSÚ – The most astute of all the existing Òrisà

Of all the existing Òrisà, Èsú is the most astute. He represents the dynamism and the movement. He is the one that approves the sacrifice. Because he is the one that opens or closes the way for an offering so the order or appreciation, can continue the right way, without deviating from its intention to which it was granted. for a request to be conceded Because of an agreement that was made. an opportunity Èsú with Òrúnmìlà.
Èsú already existed almost at the same time that Olódùmarè and leads all the forces of darkness, while Olódùmarè leads all forces of the light. The relationship Olódùmarè – Èsú is what sets the balance between good and evil although there is no absolute good, nor an absolute evil. In fact, Èsú is as powerful as Olódùmarè, the only difference which exists between the two is that Olódùmarè can create, while that Èsú, cannot create, only works on the creation of Olódùmarè. Èsú can all do at least create. That is where all other Òrisà that each has a specific role exceeds.

Èsú is who share a little attributes of the forces benevolent and mischievous. Is the police of the universe, in addition is impartial, here that only support the man or the divinity to make sacrifices, this is the meaning of: Eni or rúbo I Esú gbe. Once he receives the sacrifice prescribed, he will prohibit to the Ajogun who damages the supplicant.
Èsú is the guardian of ásé, a copy of power and the divine authority with which Olódùmarè created the universe, Èsú is in this way the governor cash of the universe, the principles of the order and harmony and agent of reconciliation. His wife Agbérú , receives all the sacrifices in their name.
After becoming its own part of aárúún (five cowries) and a sandy part of the other offerings of slaughter, Èsú takes the offer to the divinity or the Ajogun concerned. The effect is usually the return of peace and reconciliation between the warring parties.

Account a That Ifá of as Èsú became the leader of all Òrisà. Ifá said:
Ògún was the King in the city of Aro.
Sàngó was the King in Kosovo.
Oya was Queen in Anger
Obàtálà was the King in the city of Iranje.
Ogiyan was the King in the city of Mr.
Ifá was the King in the city of Ifé.
Ifá challenged to Èsú, saying he was a lie, he could not be the leader of the Òrisà asked to Èsú where is that he leave the Òrisà that were reyes, the point where he is itself the King of kings.

It found all Òrisà and decided to report the case to Olódùmarè, who is the father of all Òrisà, to reach the house of Olódùmarè, was confirmed by him that Èsú is and always will be the leader of all. All Òrisà said they would not accept as their leader, chose to fight all one by one against Èsú at the crossroads that unites the Òrun (sky) and the Aiye (earth). Only after that fight conocerian who is the leader of the Òrisà, therefore combined the day, to give entry to the fight.

The first Òrisà to confront Èsú was Ògún. Èsú with its power and wisdom threw to Ògún to the ground with shame and irritation. Ògún went to the city of Aro, and he came to the earth, before he told his friends that should gather plenty of iron and mariwo.
The second to combat Èsú was Sàngó. Èsú grabbed a Sàngó with his wisdom and strength and threw him against the ground with shame and very upset, Sàngó went to Koso and there are awoke in the earth. Prior to kneel on earth, told his friends who would like worship, should gather much edun-ara (stone of ray).

The third to combat Èsú was Obàtálà. Èsú grabbed Obàtálà with his wisdom and strength and he threw him against the ground. With shame and very sore Obàtálà went to Iranje and there are awoke, before kneel in the earth told his friends who would like worship, should provide ota, opa-osoro and provide water Arifohun.
The fourth Òrisà to confront Èsú was Oya. Èsú grabbed Oya with his wisdom and strength and threw her against the ground, with shame and very irritated Oya went to anger and there she awoke. Prior to kneel in the earth Oya told friends that who wanted pay should provide ota and horn of buffalo.
The last in combat Èsú was Ogiyan. Èsú wise and powerful with his wisdom caught Ogiyan and threw him against the ground, with much shame and irritated, Ogiyan went to Mr Okiti and there are awoke. Prior to kneel to the earth Ogiyan told friends that, who I worship, should provide ota.

Èsú got up and went to meet with Olódùmarè, saying he fought with the other Òrisà disputing the leadership with him and he fought and won him to all. The requested him to Olódùmarè to give him the ásé, for which he become the leader of the Òrisà. Then Olódùmarè met his order and gave him the ásé.
For that Èsú be resubmitted the leader of the Òrisà, Olódùmarè also gave him ásé for that he was respected by all the Òrisà and that the Òrisà that do not respect to Èsú, would not have ásé. So Èsú became the leader of the Òrisà.
Èsú is an Òrisà that can only be delivered by the priests of Ifá, this Òrisà can be received only or accompanied by other Èbora, Ògún and Òsóòsì. greetings, Babalawo Ifatoye

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