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Nigerian International Passport

How to Guide Against a Stolen Nigerian International Passport

Your Nigerian International Passport is a standout amongst the most significant documents that you have with you when you are going abroad. You have to take measures to secure against a stolen Nigerian International Passport so you can go with genuine feelings of serenity. International Passports can be looked for after things among hoodlums in different nations.

In the event that you have your Nigerian International Passport stolen, then you ought to get in contact with the nearby diplomatic mission, department or consulate nearest to you. To be prepared for such an event, you ought to have the details of your Nigerian International Passport and other travel documents duplicated or noted down somewhere else. There are some foreign affairs offices in a few nations that have an online administration for you to report your stolen Passport. It is fundamental that you do this rapidly to maintain a strategic distance from anybody utilizing it falsely. Or the best thing and fastest is report your stolen passport to the nearest Police post to you and get a Police report as quickly as possible.

Re-issuing Nigerian International Passport


Your reissued Nigerian International passport can doubtlessly be conveyed to the diplomatic mission where you are residing. In a few circumstances you may require the assistance of the government office to work out the most ideal path for delivery to happen. You can work out these details when you visit the mission with a specific end goal to fill in the Nigerian International Passport application online and pay for the replacement (If you lost your Nigerian International Passport or having issues paying for Renewal on the web, visit Nigerian International Passport Renewal Service). Normally you additionally need to pay an additional charge for the lost travel permit at the nearest Embassy to you.

With a specific end goal to prevent a stolen Nigerian International passport , a few things you can do. Keep your Nigerian International passport at all times. The most ideal route is to have a cash belt underneath your dress while you travel and utilize this. Never keep your bag in your hotel room or in a bag as bags are frequently lost or stolen. You ought not put your Nigerian International Passport inside a daypack either as these can be pick took or robbed too.

A soon as you have utilized your Nigerian International Passport set it back in your cash belt. Never abandon them lying around on seats, counters or tables as it is anything but difficult to abandon them when you leave. At the point when exhibiting your Nigerian International Passport to register with a lodging, evolving cash, traversing traditions or whatever else, verify that you keep it in your sight at all times. It is not prescribed that you leave your Nigerian International passport in your inn or with the inn staff.

Keep photocopies of your Nigerian International Passport and other critical records. On the off chance that you require a visa for the nation that you are going through, you ought to additionally take a duplicate of this. A decent approach to store them is to save them into your PC and have them stored in your email account with the goal that you can simply get to them.

And in addition keeping a stolen Nigerian International Passport, you ought to additionally be watchful with your money related exchanges. Be ready when you are withdrawing cash from an ATM machine, utilizing a money exchange or by going to a bank. Put your cash away rapidly and don’t flash it about, there are frequently cheats that sneak these areas searching for clueless victims.

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