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The Evils Of Materialism In Our Society

The desires to get rich quick, greed, insatiable love for materialism, power tussle and social malaise have almost caught up with every Nigerian. That is to say, the love for money is the root of all evils. Man and woman, young and old have new dimension of corruption indulgence on daily basis. The main causes of corrupt practices are greed and insatiable love for materialism. Everybody wants to own and ride erotic cars at all cost. Every citizen wants to own as many houses as possible.

Nowadays, it is very possible to hear people boast of having many chieftaincy titles and a degree, designer shoes, dresses and bags that are now in vogue. These endless desires lead to different forms of moral decadence in our society. Corrupt practices are further fuelled by power-hungry politicians and military personnel who spend huge sums of money to acquire political power.

Such money are got either by embezzlement of public funds or any other fraudulent means. Another cause of this social malaise is traceable to societal value system in which diligence, honesty; honor and integrity are no longer accorded the respect they deserve. Material fortune speaks louder than such virtues these days. Who doesn’t know the high rate of corruption in offices and public places? The dimension and language attached to it is viz: ‘Settlement’, ‘see me’, which are popularly used. Bribery and corruption have eaten deep into the marrow of our society.

The practice is now integrated into the normal way of life and is regarded as “fastness”. This evil of materialism brought about the fast declining state of our economy and limited opportunity for the poor masses. However, to alleviate the problem of social ills, all hands must be on deck. There must be total overhauling from these at the top. Our leaders must learn to lead by example. It is not enough for them to condemn corruption on the pages of newspapers and not show good finally, if we have the fear of God, honesty, hard work and the love of our country, we shall succeed. In addition law enforcement agents must sit up against bribery and corruption. Above all, we must all discipline ourselves to live within our means and not to allow the frenzy to be rich to over whelm us.

By Adam Saleh
Department of Mass Communication University of Maiduguri 300 Levels

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