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See: These IT jobs will NOT be trending in 2023

IT jobs in 2022 was an annual of highs and lows for job seekers. A turbulent economic landscape was scarred by job losses throughout the tech industry, rising inflation across Europe, and high energy and grocery costs drove a price of living crisis, which, coupled with a looming recession, made many workers understandably nervous.

Considering the fact that the environment, it will be easy to believe it is a bad time ever to get a new job, especially if they work in the tech industry. The facts are a bit different.


Those layoffs we’re seeing across tech behemoths such for example Salesforce, Meta, and Amazon to the superstar fintech unicorns like Klarna and Stripe, are oftentimes a reaction to previously over-confident predictions and have now been done to cut costs and preserve cash runways whilst the global economy slows down.


However, many sectors and IT jobs remain remarkably buoyant as the results of the pandemic give with one hand and take with the other. Though some eCommerce companies, like Shopify, are feeling the pinch as future growth predictions didn’t materialize even as we returned to normal habits, the flipside is that the cloud computing and SaaS sectors are experiencing growth.

The pace of cloud adoption accelerated hugely throughout the pandemic because of the rise of remote working. A couple of months into the pandemic, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella continued to record to express that Microsoft had seen a couple of years of digital transformation in 8 weeks as customers started adopting cloud solutions.

More cloud services mean more security is required to protect them and, consequently, cybersecurity roles have been in hot demand, as are artificial intelligence and machine learning jobs. Like, OpenAI’s recent launch of ChatGPT was a main-stream success, garnering 1000s of column inches in the media. Data science is another growth sector with the International Data Corporation (IDC) reporting that global data will grow to 163 zettabytes by 2025.

Echoing wider societal trends, jobs emphasizing areas such as example energy and sustainability, and policy and enforcement roles in the fields of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and diversity and inclusion measures will also be tipped for growth.

But which IT jobs are in decline?

What the existing round of IT Job layoffs does underline sharply could be the types of roles we are seeing less of in 2023.

Recruitment and HR functions look set to have a hit with Amazon announcing plans to produce a huge selection of its recruitment staff redundant last November. Based on a confidential October 2021 internal paper, the business has been working towards handing over a number of its recruiter’s asks to an AI technology it calls Automated Applicant Evaluation (AAE). Built internally, AAE was tested in 2021.

Another area slowing is sales. That is broadly typical of a downturn and, according to Layoffs.fyi, sales roles take into account 20% of the laid-off tech workers with the customer and retail sectors accounting for pretty much 40,000 layoffs in 2022.

Necessary although it is, marketing budgets and teams often get slashed when there exists a downturn and belts must be tightened. Development and research roles and teams will generally be left alone, whenever possible, but budgets for media activations, events, sponsorships, and the rest of the niceties around brand promotion tend to be permitted to lie fallow until economic outlooks improve.

Whether you’re already employed in a safe sector or seeking to shore up your employment prospects for 2023, The House Of Talent Job Board has a selection of opportunities available. We’re taking a look at three jobs in the growth areas below, and you can find thousands more open roles to discover.

Front-end Developer (Mid-level/Senior), Cloud Solutions, The Hague

Cloud Solutions creates innovative digital products because of its clients, including global e-commerce platforms, content websites and high-traffic middleware solutions. Work takes invest sprints of 2-3 weeks in teams consisting of (UX) designers, QA specialists, business analysts, solution architects, a scrum master, and a task manager. In this team, the Front-end Developer will lead to delivering high-quality software.

To utilize, you may need several years of experience developing JavaScript/TypeScript applications with React, strong communication skills (both verbal and in writing), and experience with styling solutions such as for example Styled Components, Emotion, CSS Modules, and SCSS.

Data Scientist, Vodafone, Dublin

Vodafone is spending so much time creating an even more connected, inclusive, and sustainable world. Within this mission, it’s hiring a Data Scientist to work in its Commercial Operations Data Science team. You’ll produce analysis and actionable insights from multiple data sources to recognize trends, providing outside-in perspective through the voice of the consumer and analysis. You’ll translate data into actionable insights and recommendations to enhance customer care and grow value.

You may need around four years of experience as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist working together with large data warehouses, analyzing data, and delivering actionable insights. Experience in using relational databases/data warehouses and experience with statistical software (R, Python) and database languages (SQL) can be required. Get the entire job spec here.

AI/ML – Annotation Analyst, German Market, Apple, Barcelona

At Apple, new ideas have a means of becoming extraordinary products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. The AI/ML team is passionate about technology and has become buying motivated Annotation Analyst who demonstrates active listening, integrity, and acute focus on detail.

You may need fluency in German with excellent comprehension, grammar, and proofreading skills, English reading comprehension and writing skills, and active listening skills with the capability to understand verbal nuances. Additionally, you may need details of the regions and cultural variations where German is spoken in order to demonstrate critical thinking skills in the evaluation of Siri’s language usage and dialect. Enthusiastic about applying? Get additional information here.

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