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Steps to follow to clean a USB mouse

The mouse may be the most overlooked and perhaps underrated computer device since you can easily do without it. But, computer experts say that the mouse whether optical or mechanical makes clicking very convenient.

However, if the mouse stays too long without being cleaned, it becomes unresponsive and stiff. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rolls out steps to take on how to clean your mouse.

Unplug the Mouse

Before you do anything, ensure that you shut down the system and disconnect or unplug the mouse from the computer. If you leave the computer plugged in, you may accidentally click a wrong icon.


Remove Mouse Cover

Turn the mouse upside down and carefully remove the cover especially for the mechanical mouse. Then, remove the ball inside…


Clean the Mouse Ball

After removing the ball, you can use a toilet roll or a piece of cloth dipped in methylated spirit to clean it. You can do this two or three times depending on the nature of the dirt you find.


Clean the Internal Rollers

The rollers control the movement of the mouse. It helps to move the cursor depending on your hand navigation. In a mechanical mouse, there are always three rollers. Be careful so that none of these rollers are broken.


Reconnect the Mouse

Reconnect the mouse to the Personal Computer and turn-on your system back on. You will notice a difference in the performance of your mouse. It will be less rigid and easily clickable. If your mouse develops any kind of fault, it advisable to purchase another in one of those many stalls around Lagos.


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